The Scout section is part of the 6 to 25 programme, and caters for the age range 10 ½ to 14. For Young People aged less than 10 ½, we have a Cub Pack, and for those older than 14 there are Explorer Units run at District Level.

Our Scout Troop offers a very diverse selection of activities and opportunities. There are plenty of examples of these throughout our website section. Each year we have a main Summer Camp as well as other 1-2 night camps at The Firs, our local woodland. Inbetween, we participate in a variety of District Events, such as Incident Hikes. As well as this we have an interesting and balanced evening programme all year round.

We’ve got loads more information in our section of this website, so take a look!

At present the Scout Troop has a few spaces, we also hold a waiting list for those not old enough to join the Troop.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to enquire about spaces.  We also have details of other Groups in the area and will do our best to find a Scout Troop local to you that may be able to cater for your needs.