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1st Purton and Lydiard Scout Group
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Formal Accessibility Guidelines

The W3C's guideline standards for accessibility, WCAG, have global site scope at Priority Level 2 (Double A). This means that our website is at a level above the 'good practise' accessibility standards. (We do our utmost to stay within these guidelines, however on occasion the site could slip down to Priority Level 1 (Single A). Please note also that there is no enforceable mechanism for checking the validity of a W3C accessiblity guideline claim: it is down to the individual website.)


This website has been developed to the XHTML Transitional standard and functions correctly in all modern web browsers. Old versions of browsers (particularly Internet Explorer 8 and below) are likely to have limited functionality. We recommend installing the latest version of your browser of choice.

Text Sizes

All text sizes have been defined in percentages, making it easy for users to use their browser font size options to control text size. You can find the relevant options by consulting your help documents.


This website has been designed for optimum viewing on screens with a resolution of at least 1024x768. The website automatically scales itself to all resolutions above this.

Valid Document Types

This website has been coded to the W3C's xHTML 1.0 Transitional standard, one of the most modern standards available. It ensures correct rendering and compatibility. It is also futureproof for the next generation of XML documents.