07/09/2016Planning Meeting - No Cubs
14/09/2016Welcome backWelcome back Introduce new Cubs New sixers and seconders, and who is looking after the new Cubs Name and most fun thing they did this summer Games: Cover up game 2 truth 1 lie Bucket ball Badges - Henry and Priyan Camp
21/09/2016Code of conduct + EU Passport
28/09/2016Air Activities - Part IStart of Air activity badge James Howse to plan and run the evening
05/10/2016Air Activities - Part II3 Bases: Base 1 - Baden Powell and Cub knowledge Base 2 - Airplane books - find a plane you like, find out about it and discuss it Base 3 - Design your own plane (make a paper plane for those who missed last week) -why have you picked this one?
12/10/2016World Challenge BadgeWorld Challenge Badge - Showbox appeal (Project) and foreign games
19/10/2016Sikh Temple VisitVisit the Sikh Temple in Swindon

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